Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flanders Pre-Pleat 40 Eco-Friendly Filters

The MERV 8 Pre Pleat 40 filter features a filtering medium that is more efficient and ecologically friendly. Made from recyclable materials, this medium achieves MERV 8 efficiency with low resistance to airflow. It is also unaffected by high humidity and is hydrophobic (non-moisture absorbing.)

This filter made by Flanders Filters, Inc. is great filter for both home and businesses alike. You can get these filters in all sizes and depths including 1", 2", and 4". Here at Remember The Filter we preffer these filters as they are Eco-Friendly and you can't beat the quality of products that Flanders Filters, Inc produces. Originally founded in 1950 in Flanders, New York, today Flanders Corporation headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, designs, manufacturers and markets the highest quality filter, Cleanroom and containment filtration systems necessary to filter and contain airborne contaminants. Through innovation, commitment, quality and customer service Flanders is the foremost in air filtration.

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Anonymous said...

I use these filters in my system and they are great. This is the only place I could find that had my size. I have tried to make an effort to use green products in my home so it was nice to find some filters that are of good quality and eco-friendly at the same time.